Area Plan Representations

Councils in Northern Ireland are currently working on new Development Plans for their respective Council Areas. The zoning of land for various uses and the formulation of planning policy is a key part of this process and the public are invited to submit their own representations to the respective Plan Teams which will be taken into account during the appraisal stage. These submissions will have a greater chance of success if due diligence is undertaken in advance of this and a sound case submitted to the planners. O’Callaghan Planning can help maximize your site’s development potential and financial value by making representations on your behalf to have your land zoned for the most suitable land use. Equally important will be the need to attempt to secure alternative zonings where proposals have been zoned for particular uses in a draft area plan. Where your land has been excluded from a draft plan’s settlement limit, we can make representations on your behalf in an attempt to have this designation modified before the final adoption of an area plan.

Our team of planners have considerable experience in the development plan process and will make robust case in support of any representations we make including at public enquiry stage.

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